Jetrell's Domain

This site is solely dedicated to the Thieves Guild project. Thieves Guild is a single-player game mod combining both the adventure of the Viking action game, Rune and the cloak and dagger game, Thief: The Dark Project. By combining the very best of both of these two great games we hope to create a slightly different game experience - the action/stealth game. In our game you will find lots of stealthy situations and heaps of epic battles... Rune was developed by Human Head Studios and Thief: The Dark Project was originally developed by Looking Glass Studios. Here at this site you will find Thieves Guild project updates, screenshots, videos, and eventually file downloads...

 Update (03/19/14): Debujin, our very talented artist who is in charge of making our RPG character portraits felt that his artwork didn't correctly capture the bleak nature of the Thieves Guild mod, therefore he has decided that he wants to make entirely new portraits that will more properly reflect the dark, austere landscape of our of project. I will be uploading the new portraits as soon as they become available. Until the next time...

"The day is for honest men, the night for thieves." ~ Euripides, "Iphigenia in Tauris" Circa B.C. 412

"The moon is an arrant thief, even her pale fire she steals from the sun." ~ William Shakespeare

"The thief is sorry he is going to the gallows to be hanged, not that he is a thief." ~ Author Unknown 

"Time is a thief." ~ Anonymous

"Do what thou wilt. So mete is be." ~ Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law

"Darkness has stolen upon the land

Shrouding this city into dark night...

Lurk in the shadows

Hide from the light

Steal what you can

And then disappear into the night..."

 ~ The Thieves Guild